Sue-Ann Bright Linden Johannesburg
Counselling psychologist,   PS0089044

Self-esteem and identity counselling, Couples & Family counselling,  Life coaching and
Business coaching
When you book a therapy, counselling or coaching session, a psychometric assessment, or a corporate consultation,
it is useful to have an idea who and what you will encounter.  Click on our photos or names below to see the range of
psychological services we each offer, and use the left navigation bar for specific services and the top navigation bar
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qualifications, fees, articles and the free resources.
Individual Therapy
Couples Counselling
Divorce/Separation Counselling
Child Therapy
Career Guidance & Psychometric Testing
Leadership Coaching & Life Coaching
Organisational Consulting
Teenage Therapy
ADD / ADHD Therapy
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Dr Janne Dannerup, Online only, on Skype
Counselling Psychologist,    PS 0084735

Individual, couples, marital and family counselling. Relationship with self and others. Leadership
coaching.  Organisational consulting.  Life coaching.  Groups and workshops
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Heidi van der Merwe Tableview Cape Town
Registered Counsellor,    PRC0019305

Individual, couples, marital and family counselling and parental guidance.  Children,
adolescents and adults.  Trauma counselling.