Attention deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity (ADD-ADHD)

Dr Dannerup and leatia Stemmet provide skills and guidance to parents and children dealing with ADD and ADHD.

Being in the world in the way we call ADD/ADHD can feel like a curse or a blessing, depending on how you learn the skills to deal with your own/your child’s ADD/ADHD and new ways of thinking about it.  See the list below for the characteristics that typically indicate ADD/ADHD.

More often than not, the person…

  • seems careless
  • shows wandering attention
  • does not listen
  • does not complete tasks
  • shows poor organising ability
  • avoids effort
  • loses things
  • is easily distracted
  • does not complete tasks
  • is physically active
  • is restless, on the go
  • is talkative, interrupts others
  • answers quickly, doesn’t wait for turn
  • is impulsive
  • is disorganised
  • is literal or concrete-minded
  • is rigid/inflexible
  • has poor linguistic skills
  • is over-hasty, careless
  • underachieves
  • has poor planning skills
  • is irresponsible
  • has poor perseverance
  • is impatient
  • has temper tantrums
  • displays aggressive behaviour
  • appears self-centered
  • has boundary problems
  • has physical manifestations, such as…
  • picky eating habits
  • allergies
  • sleeping problems
  • co-ordination problems (clumsy, poor balance, bad handwriting)

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