Life coaching and leadership coaching

If you or one of your employees are having difficulties at work or at home, or have limited interpersonal skills, it can

severely affect the quality of your (your employee’s) productivity at work and thereby severely limit the chances of
sustaining a satisfying and sustainable career, especially as a leader in the workplace.

Many companies focus on recruiting management level individuals with the appropriate core competencies. There are,
however, other factors at play in developing a sustainable and fulfilling career. An employee’s personality, goals,
motivation, and attitude to both work and private life are crucial in ensuring the success of the individual and the

Due to a rapidly changing business environment, many South African leaders currently find themselves in executive roles
for which they might have the required core competencies but not the skills to negotiate the company politics and
effects on their private lives safely. Often a person’s role at work causes difficulties in his or her private life, with
partners, children, family or friends.

Company dynamics, leadership styles, personality clashes, and differential visions of the company’s goals and aims can
diminish productivity at work. Leadership coaching and life coaching can help individuals positions to create a work and
home environment that is more conducive to excelling in life.

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