Counselling for teenagers and adolescents


Why do adolescents drink?
Quick stats on underage drinking
Learners’ own views on Drugs and drinking
Why do adolescents drink?
Binge drinking
Alcohol and Binge Drinking
Appeal to stop flow of liquor to school children
Children start drinking before 13th birthday
Being a teenager is all about developing an independent identity.

But you don’t have access to resources yet. You don’t earn money yet, you don’t have your own place, you most likely don’t have a
drivers licence or own transport yet, you aren’t free to make major decisions yet. This becomes increasingly frustrating, and it can
make you feel helpless so you try connect to peers who share your frustrations. But then you’re confronted with all kinds of peer
pressure, and it’s difficult to work out which choices and decisions will give you the best outcome. You might not feel comfortable
talking to mom and dad about the stuff you’re confused about. That’s when it might be useful to have a chat to one of us.

a good reason why you do what you do. We won’t tell your parents what we talk about (psychologist’s oath of confidentiality, you
know) and we always make sure your parents know this before we book the first session for you.

After our session we might suggest that you talk to your parents about some of the stuff we’ve discussed, and give you ideas on how
to do that in a constructive way that won’t get you in trouble and that might to talk to your parents will be your choice.


car accidents
lost opportunities / career path failure
emotional instability
drug abuse
health related problems: retardation of the development of the brain, liver,
pancreas and other organs
weight gain / poor eating habits / skin problems
promiscuity / unprotected sex / date rape / sexually transmitted diseases / HIV-AIDS / damage to reputation
Underage driving info from arrive alive

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