Dr Janne Dannerup, Psychologist

DR JANNE DANNERUP Counselling psychologist          

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@jmdpsych.com Janne says:

“I first visited South Africa in 1986, as i wanted to have a first-hand experience of the country that had become known for apartheid.  I found South Africans to be amazingly colourful, hospitable and interesting, and I felt thoroughly at home.  After a few more visits, I finally came to live permanently in South Africa in 1987.

This is a decision I have never had cause to regret, and I enjoy using my skills and abilities to the benefit of my adopted country by helping my client’s resolve their challenges and difficulties.  I have explored the different South African cultures deeply in order to understand both their differences and their similarities, and this allows me to help my clients get a better perspective of the social and environmental contexts in which their lives unfold.  Sustained by their wider insight, my clients find it easier to see the opportunities for change and optimise their lives.

My area of special interest lies in people’s relationships, both their relationship with themselves and their relationships with others.  This means that my daily work revolves around helping my clients to resolve emotional matters from childhood, build self-esteem and a congruent identity, resolve issues with their partner, children, siblings, parents, co-workers, employers and employees, as well as finding a life path and a career path that is meaningful and motivates them to become everything they can be”.

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