JMD guestbook

Comment : Nice one Janne. A great site. I hope that your practice grows from strength to strength

Name/Contact Details : Dr Richard Hull. Daughters of Charity Service for people with intellectual
disability – Dublin Ireland –

Comment : Dear Janne, Finally I have found you. Rudolph Zinn helped to find you again. I found out
you are a registered psychologist, congatulations. Love. Name/Contact Details : Hans Werdmolder Utrecht University. Name/Contact Details : Hans Werdmolder Utrecht University

Comment : I have sent you an e mail. Look forward to meeting you. Name/Contact Details : Tess Britz

Comment : Janne, well done on a remarkable career… well done. Name/Contact Details : Sidney Frankel

Comment : Very easy to follow around and all the information is there. Name/Contact Details : Cornelis van der Meer

Comment : Janne, this is a stunning site! May all your hard work pay off as you move deeper into
your dream of getting down and doing the stuff. Congrats! Name/Contact Details : Dr Ingrid Artus

Comment : As I browsed through your site I thought about all the experiences in our M and D years
and I realised how far we’ve come. Nicely done and good luck! Name/Contact Details : Dr. Lynette Cloete

Comments : Your commitment and dedication to the goal has been an inspiration. You are ready to
play the significant role you were born for. Maximise and enjoy the ride. Name/Contact Details : Rowland Stanton

Comment : Well done Janne! I finally came to have a look at your site. Name/Contact Details : Stephanie Sieberhagen

Comment : What a tour de force! It was an experience to see you in action. In all my years I have
never experienced such a natural grasp of human nature. Name/Contact Details : Hein Kruger

Comment : Congratulations – you achieved your goal after nine hard years of study. A fresh
approach indeed. Wishing you success. Name/Contact Details : Deon Basson

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