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Begin by establishing a starting point regarding your present levels of happiness.
Visit and take their five FREE brief assessments (tests):
  • Fordyce Emotions Questionnaire
  • General Happiness Scale
  • Satisfaction With Life Scale
  • Approaches to Happiness Questionnaire
  • CES-D Questionnaire  (listed under "Additional Validated Questionnaires")

Then read a few articles: (click on the titles to open them)

Effective Behaviour Change
Managing Negative Thinking
Examples of Negative Thinking
Why Affirmations are so Powerful
The New Science of Happiness
Free   HAPPINESS TOOLS   from JMDpsych
Wellbeing and an adequate level of happiness requires good mental hygiene and sound habits.  If your parents didn't know these crucial
life skills, it is probably because they didn't have the skills themselves.  But you can learn those life skills now.  Click on the links below to
read great ideas on building a happy life for yourself.  If that is enough to optimise your experience of life, congratulations -  have a happy

If you need some assistance in acquiring and practicing your new life skills, just call or email us to book an appointment
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