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Family therapy is especially beneficial in dealing with problems related to personality differences, family
dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and differences in values and goals.  The therapist is never takes
sides, and can help your family members to discover and implement solutions and agreements that are
congruent with your family's beliefs.

The number of therapy sessions required varies depending on the issues brought by the different family
members.  After the first session, it is usually possible to determine the number of sessions needed to
effect lasting positive change.  To speed up the therapeutic process and minimise the number of therapy
required, family members are often asked to practice specific interpersonal skills before the next

Contact us on or 011 888 1110 to discuss how therapy can help your family

Click here to access some basic information about relationships.  Feel free to print and share the
information with your family and friends.  More materials are available on the
Resources page.
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