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Registered Counsellor          HPCSA reg: PRC0019305             Practice reg:  0497282
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“Sometimes the only way to ever find yourself is to get completely lost” Kellie Elmore

Heidi says:  "I love the healing profession and the satisfaction it brings.  Since I can remember people have been my passion.  Exploring the world
of the human psyche has also been an intriguing part of my life ... we are all such complex beings, to discover what makes us tick, what is integral
to our well-being and functioning will always be a hunger I seek to satisfy.  We all have our own unique “baggage”, our individual stories to tell ...
and through these experiences our lives become rich with meaning and flavour.  Sometimes we stumble in our journey along life’s rickety paths,
and need some guidance, some nurturing, some uplifting ...  I see therapy as a means to assist people in finding their way back on their own
unique life paths, becoming “un-stuck” and able to move forward.

To harvest the fruits of therapy is in itself the best reward ! To see a bird with a broken wing soar again, to see the smile of a carefree child
restored, to experience first-hand the growth in injured relationships ... Therapy is experiencing personal growth, side by side with the client, to
embrace his/her full potential, gently guiding along the way.  It’s all about seeing that person blossom, through self-realisation and discovery. Just
by assisting the client to tap into his / her own hidden inner resources, we reach our own internal equilibrium.

My special interest areas include working with children, adolescents and young adults.  However, trauma counselling, crisis intervention,
depression, couples counselling, grief counselling, anger management, conflict resolution, family counselling, group debriefing, life coaching,
play therapy, low self-esteem, personal growth, stress management, divorce and relationship issues all form part of my portfolio."
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Individual and couples therapy is also available telephonically, via Skype, or by email
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