We can assist you with...

  •  Pre-marital guidance
  •  Preparation for parenthood
  •  Negotiation of marital roles
  •  Mediation of practical issues
  •  Negotiation of interdependence
  •  Setting boundaries
  •  Communication patterns
  •  Conflict resolution
  •  Sexual guidance
  •  Divorce mediation
  •  Any other relationship problem
Individual Therapy
Couples Counselling
Divorce/Separation Counselling
Child Therapy
Career Guidance & Psychometric Testing
Leadership Coaching & Life Coaching
Organisational Consulting
Teenage Therapy
ADD / ADHD Therapy
Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with a friend, partner, spouse, or other person, you need understanding and insight into
initiate and facilitate such frank negotiations in a way that is beneficial to both parties.

Relationship therapy
can be conducted with one person, although benefits increase substantially when both parties are present during the
sessions.  If you require therapy for the whole family  
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   Click on the links below for free worksheets to get you started!
If your relationship has been revived through the information contained in the worksheets, congratulations!
If you would like assistance with sorting out your relationship difficulties, feel free to make an appointment with
one of our psychologists, by
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JMDpsych: Relationship Counselling