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Sue-Ann says:

"I am curious about people, culture, meaning and the world we live in.  I travelled early on in my life to satisfy this curiosity and shortly
realised that although travelling is something I have passion for – it is the people around me that hold my interest.  My belief is that we all
have elements of ‘dysfunction’ that is it the human condition to be ‘un-normal’ and within this is the opportunity to heal and live lives of
richness and meaning.  It is this belief that guides the way I work with people in both a therapeutic and coaching context.

I consider myself an Expander – a dialogical space change agent!  I have been trained in a postmodern paradigm, focusing specifically on
the tenets of social construction and the principles of Narrative Therapy.

When I enter into a therapeutic relationship I do so with liberation, as I reject the assumption that I am the expert.  The client is the expert in
his/her life – I am aware of their uniqueness; I explore their world with them from the stance of “not knowing”.  I have text book knowledge
of psychological expertise and with that acknowledge that individual meaning is constructed by their experiential world and is therefore
unique.  This stance has really assisted me in my Executive Coaching career as I do not have the same level of business exposure and
acumen as my clients – however, I was effective for that very reason – I got to ask questions many others would have assumptive answers
to and had the ‘space’ to be naïve and curious.  My goal for therapy (and coaching) is to expand – within the journey of deconstructing,
unpacking and re-authoring possibilities are recognized.  Therapy adds depth and richness to your life, it does not shrink!"
Counselling Psychologist             HPCSA reg:- PS 0089044                Practice reg: 0170828
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