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Often, a need for personal achievement becomes the employee's main focus - to the detriment of
the company's overall performance.  Sometimes, an employee's personal success inspires jealousy, fear,
or lack of motivation in others.  Or an employee's poor work ethic affects his/her colleagues.  If
competitiveness and a positive attitude to work is harnessed as a group resource, and top performance
seen as the result of a team effort, it becomes possible to openly appreciate the different contributions of
each team member.  

We have developed a broad selection of team building processes to assist teams in achieving greater
cohesion and productivity.  We offer a variety of interventions, from river rafting and wilderness walks to
office-based, practice-based, or venue-based workshops.

Part of the team-building strategies and exercises revolve around the identification and group recognition
of each team member's unique contribution.  Team building also provides the members with an opportunity
to voice grievances in a constructive and positive manner, usually with great motivational effect.

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