• depression, mood swings, anger, aggression, sadness, and boredom
  • anxiety, fears and phobias, sleeplessness, obsessions, shyness, alcoholism and drug abuse
  • lack of confidence, lack of motivation, unemployment, and mid-life crisis
  • physical/emotional trauma from crime, violence, abuse and natural disasters
  • bereavement, grief, loss, dysfunctional relationships and divorce
  • illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, emotional and physical disabilities

  • life-skills
  • social skills
  • leadership skills
  • interpersonal management skills
  • communication skills
  • higher achievements in your sport of choice

  • self-insight
  • spiritual development
  • positive growth
  • an authentic life and highly satisfying life
Individual Therapy
Couples Counselling
Divorce/Separation Counselling
Child Therapy
Career Guidance & Psychometric Testing
Leadership Coaching & Life Coaching
Organisational Consulting
Teenage Therapy
ADD / ADHD Therapy

Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET - connecting emotions and thoughts for self-insight)
Gestalt/Egostate Therapy (holistic integration of all aspects of self)
Appreciative Enquiry (identifying and strengthening functional aspects)
Relaxation and De-stress (strengthening client's ability to cope)
Solution Focused Therapy (finding solutions to specific problems)
Narrative Therapy (the meaning ascribed to events)
Salutogenic Therapy (strengthening what works)
Transactional Analysis (interpersonal relationships)
Developmental Assessment (lifetime developmental factors)
Psychometric Assessment (increased insight into self)
... and many other techniques, as the situation demands
to help clients examine their reality, and guide them in attaining a wider perspective that presents new options, opportunities, and solutions.  

Each client's individual needs guide the psychologist in selecting a number of therapeutic techniques to increase the client's overall level of coping, contentment and well-being.  
In the therapy, emphasis is placed on holistically examining  the client's existence, and emotional, behavioural, physical, cognitive, spiritual, contextual, and cultural aspects are
considered as they become relevant.
We charge medical aid rates.  You can claim the full amount back from your medical aid.
Individual therapy is also available via Skype, phone or email
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